Early years (Nursery, LKG, UKG)

Children need to feel safe and have classrooms that combine learning and fun, as a child’s first experiences of school are some of the most important experiences in life and learning.


Primary Level (Grades I to IV)

The primary curriculum is based on the NCERT frame work as per the CBSE syllabus. The subjects are Ist language-English IInd language-Hindi or Kannada Mathematics-Development of Number concepts, elementary Geometry and Mental Maths. ...


Middle Level (Class V-VIII)

The students have the main subjects studied at the primary level along with an additional language .The three language policy of CBSE is followed by the school. Hindi, Kannada ,Sanskrit or French is offered as the 3rd language at this stage. The student can choose any one these languages at the entry level in grade 5...


Secondary Level (Classes IX-X) Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

The School will follow an integrated two year curriculum and assessment by CBSE. This Scheme aims at the holistic development of students. This strategy paves way for regular and continuous evaluation whereby keeping track of the academics and helping them improve consistently.

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