Dear Parents and Students,


I take immense pleasure in welcoming you all to Dhee Global School, an educational institution that strives to make it’s every ward a good student, a role model and a responsible global citizen. The school was set with a vision to empower children with quality education, moral values and freedom to unleash their creativity.

We, at Dhee, ensure to bring the children up in a safe and sound environment. The school focuses on all round development of the student and hence our curriculum and academic programmes are structured in such a way that every child gets equal opportunity to bring out the best in them, be it growing emotionally, intellectually or physically.

Each individual is unique in his/her own way; therefore, every stroke of genius, every ‘out of the box’ idea, every little step towards being a better person than yesterday, is encouraged, supported and congratulated.

We at Dhee, believe to make every student ready for challenges. Our experience and skilled faculty is well trained and equipped to help the students dare to dream big and toil hard to achieve that dream. Our team is here to give wings to those dreams.

As mentioned earlier, Dhee aims to integrate both the heart and mind processes of every child so as to produce a holistic and balanced citizen of the world. Let us all join hands and work in harmony towards making this vision a reality.


Best regards,

Smt. Swathi Achar


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