What is CBSE?


The school follows CBSE curriculum. CBSE curriculum has become the model for most of the states curriculum also. Three languages, English, Kannada and Hindi shall be taught compulsorily at lower classes.


At higher classes Sanskrit will also be taught. There will be provision for students to learn foreign languages, French/ German as additional subjects at higher classes. All the languages will be taught in the right real natural environment with importance to listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. In order to promote language competence among students spelling competition, book reading, creative writing and public speaking activities will be undertaken.

The motto is to make them excellent communicators in speaking and writing. Language labs will take care of these skills. In higher classes much importance will be given to develop their creative abilities and study skills (reference skills, note taking and note making) so that they can become independent persons with unique identity. Importance will be given to vocational training and life skills.

The school will maintain quality which lends credibility to Education.

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