The goal of Dhee Global School is to build a sense of community and trust between children, parents and staff. As such, our faculty play a vital role in this relationship building exercise and rest assured, parents can be satisfied that when they send their children to Dhee, they are not only sending them to a place of learning, but also to a place where their child values relationships.


Dhee Global School is proud to consider that anything spent on teachers and teacher training is an investment and not expenditure. Hence,They will be send for various trainings conducted by CBSE board.



Smt Swathi Achar


Smt Swathi Achar is a dedicated and skilled professional with a good amount of experience in teaching, school administration, and management. She holds a master’s degree in English language and literature and a degree in teaching and learning through Cambridge International University. With 24 years’ experience in the field of education, she has worked as a principal for 11 years. She has been responsible for greatly contributing to teaching students, developing curriculum, training teachers and aspiring teachers. She also was instrumental in helping many start-up schools gain recognition, student strength and excellent academic results, in and around Karnataka.

She is also a certified English-Speaking Examiner (Cambridge International Press). She was a mentor through CBSE board for four schools based in Bengaluru. She was a mentor of the inspection committee for affiliation to start two new CBSE schools in Tumkur district as well. She has been conferred Gaurav Patra by Bharat Vikas Parishad, Belagavi Shakha for her services through education, working as a principal, during her tenure in Belagavi.

Her expertise and credible experience in the field of education, along with her enthusiasm,will surely help the family of Dhee scale greater heights.


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