The goal of Dhee Global School is to build a sense of community and trust between children, parents and staff. As such, our faculty play a vital role in this relationship building exercise and rest assured, parents can be satisfied that when they send their children to Dhee, they are not only sending them to a place of learning, but also to a place where their child values relationships.


Dhee Global School is proud to consider that anything spent on teachers and teacher training is an investment and not expenditure. Hence, Dhee has collaborated with Academy for Creative Teaching (ACT); a unique teacher training and institution building organisation of great repute.



Mrs. Leema M J Swamy

Academic Director and Principal

Mrs. Leema Swamy is a committed professional with Masters in English Literature and PG diploma in Career Guidance and Counseling. She brings with her 30 years of experience that spans across Teaching, Training, Curriculum Development, Teacher empowerment and School Administration. She was the Founder Principal of renowned schools in Jabalpur and Bangalore.
As Academic Director she focused on Academic excellence in her staff and students alike and the organization soon grew into centers of excellence. She was the Vice-Chairperson of the Bangalore Sahodaya for Private Management CBSE schools.

She is a power house of energy with skill and expertise to leverage Dhee Global School to a higher level. Her experience in setting up 'start up' schools, and a mission to establish an academically stimulating but caring environment will build a legacy for the younger generation.

Academic Director and Principal

Academic Director and Principal
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