The identity of a school encompasses a number of dimensions and the logo of the school symbolises one of them.

Dhee logo represents a gorgeous Celtic trinity knot in green and gold found on rune stones in northern Europe, traced back to 600 B.C. This symbol is also referred to as the mystic knot or the endless knot. In viewing these beautiful knots, we cannot see a beginning or end, which reminds us of the timeless nature of spirit.

The three corners represent Mind, Body and Soul. The circle that runs through all three of them is the spiritual experience that holds them together. Mind brings millions of experiences provided by the five sensory organs. Body is an instrument that reacts or responds to these experiences. Soul, depending on its purity, chooses the right option and directs the life to ascend or descend. The intersection of experiences of body, mind and soul is Intelligence – DHEE, which is an appropriate word in Sanskrit. Higher the integration of these areas and larger the overlap, greater is the zone of intelligence. This leads to the life of greater accomplishments and this is what we focus at Dhee Global School.

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